A collection of blogs, books and resources that I've found useful and happily recommend.

Canadian Personal Finance Blogs

  • Million Dollar Journey: This blog for me was the OG of personal finance in Canada. I'm been a fan for over 9 years and learnt so much from watching this "ordinary" person navigate the Canadian system to a million dollars networth. Bonus points that he's an engineer like moi.
  • Tawcan: Another Canadian personal finance blog that I've followed for the last couple of years. I like the lifestyle view especially as the author is also a visible minority with parallel cultural values and experiences. 
  • My Own Advisor: A great blog to raise some challenging and insightful financial plans
  • GenY Money: I started following this blog thinking I was a gen Y baby, alas I had my alphabets mixed up. Gen X kid here aka amorphous! I still love the female angle to personal finance and really relate to a lot of the content especially the dividend updates. 
  • A big shout-out to this monster list of women in the financial independence movement

Educational Resources

  • Ratehub: For a quick overview of interest rates across financial institutions in Canada
  • Get Smarter About Money: An unbiased advisory website by the Ontario Securities Commission
  • Websites of the big banks and insurers contain a wealth (haha that's a pun) of information
  • Taxtips and Turbo Tax for answers to some of the more basic tax questions

Books That Influenced My Financial Life and Plans