AfriCanadian 101

Hello World!

Welcome to my latest blogging adventure - I used to obsessively blog about my twin parenting experience but that blog has slowed down in the last few years. What hasn't slowed down is my desire to write about topics I'm passionate about. Personal finance is one of those topics.

I've always been passionate about personal finance and long before FIRE became a movement, I've always dreamt about the FI lifestyle as a teenager. My dreams and everything I knew about personal finance underwent an upheaval when I left Nigeria in my 20s and eventually became an immigrant Canadian citizen.

Here is where I write about personal finance from the perspective of an African (Nigerian) immigrant in Canada.

Yeah nice but really, WHO ARE YOU?!

I'm in my 40s, Nigerian trained engineer. Married. Mother of three. Christian. Proud Black Canadian

My money philosophy

I believe money is not an end but a means to an end. Money is meant to work for you and buy you the life you wish for.

I believe in having a plan for the future and working hard to make it a reality.

I believe that today's discipline and forgone pleasures will yield tomorrow's peace of mind.

I believe in enjoying the life we've been given fully - buy generous gifts, take vacations, splurge when you want to as long as the splurges aren't eating into your savings.

Speaking of eating, I won't ask you to forgo steak for beans so you can save an extra $20

I may tell you to forgo steak for beans because your body will thrive on a plant-based diet

I like big steaks and I cannot lie!