Best Canadian Phone Plan for Immigrants

In the 9+ years that I've spent in Canada, I've had a phone plan with just about every major mobile provider in the country both personally and through my job. In landing on the perfect phone plan and provider for me, I had to look for a plan that catered to my particular needs as a Nigerian-Canadian and a cheapskate.

What I was looking for in a phone plan

  1. No contracts. Period! I didn't want to be tied to any contracts in return for a "subsidized handset" as I tend to hold on to my handsets for as long as possible. Case in point; even though the world has moved on to the iPhone 11, I still have my beloved iPhone 5S. 
  2. Cheap calls to the US. I have a lot of family members in the US and I want to be able to call them anytime (in case of emergencies) without rely on Whataspp or other wifi-dependent apps
  3. US roaming: I also like to visit friends and family in the US as often as I can so I was looking for a provider with roaming that's easy to activate and doesn't cost an arm and two toes. With most Canadian providers, the cost of roaming in the US usually comes to around $1 per minute. I wanted something better. 

MY CHOICE: Public Mobile

Ultimately, I settled on Public Mobile as my cell phone provider of choice. I've been with Public Mobile for over 3 years now and have no regrets or complaints. It's a no frills provider on a reliable network (Telus) that lets me pay for exactly what I need. I LOVE the flexibility of their service.

Highlights of my plan with Public Mobile include:

  • I can buy data as an add-on when I need it and any unused data is carried over
  • I can buy a US roaming add-on for $30 that gives me data, text and phone  calls for 10 days
  • I referred my husband and get a referral bonus of $1 taken off my monthly bill
  • For the $50 a month plan, my husband is able to make unlimited calls to US and Canada   
Here's a screenshot of my account page to give you an idea of my plan and perks. 

Sign up is easy. Go to the website and order a sim card. Once it arrives in the mail, activate at home. I liked the convenience of being able to do everything at home including porting my old number. Setting up the new line took me all of 10 mins and it's been a pain-free experience ever since. I'm never going back to the phone contract hustle. 

If all this tickles your fancy, you can also sign up to Public Mobile here. If you're willing to use my referral code (RYY54W) when activating your sim card, I get another $1 off my monthly bill and you get a $10 signup bonus. Thank you!